About Court Whitman

I’m Court Whitman. My life continues to develop everyday because I believe life is a constant state of transition. My professional journey includes NCAA athlete, Special Forces commando, Leadership Coach, and Entrepreneur. Essential to my development includes the deeply personal life-experiences as a son, brother, husband and father. I’ve experienced tremendous success and disruptive failure. I’m genuine, curious and gritty. And I chase fulfillment and elite-level performance everyday.

I’m passionate about performance, people and teams. And I draw upon my professional and personal life experience to inspire high performance in others. High performance is success in desired results above established norms over the long-term. How do I serve? I engage with individuals, teams, and organizations to explore identity, behavior, and impact. Why? Because when we deeply understand who we are, we can begin to understand our behavior. And behavior drives our influence. And it’s our ability to influence that impacts our ability to deliver meaningful results.

I retired from the U.S. Army in 2016 as a Special Forces Green Beret having been subject to a number of incredible developmental experiences in varied high-threat and high-performing environments that include Hawaii, Washington, Georgia, North Carolina, South America, Afghanistan and Iraq. I’ve led specialized teams of 2 to 165 people, programed budgets in excess of $130 million, and traveled the country to connect, educate, and inspire others to pursue world-class service in Special Operations.

For the last three years, I’ve dedicated my vocation to collaboration with others as a coach, mentor, facilitator and teacher. This work brings me significant joy because people are complex, have challenging problems to solve, and passionately pursue meaning, fulfillment, and results in life. I am a International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach and I partner with people and teams from the National Football League, National Basketball Association, College athletics, Navy SEALs, Army Green Berets, pilots, the government, and civilian industry to develop their managerial and leadership skills, define performance excellence, and create optimal organizational culture to achieve results for themselves and their teams.

Life is a constant state of transition. How can I partner with you and your team to inspire your high performance?